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I like to draw and write mishmosh.

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mothcatID by so-normal

Name/Username: tree (so-normal)
Rank: B

1 Mothcat Owned by doroling

Mothcats Owned: Babbette

babbette~~ by so-normal

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Mothcats are a closed species owned by doroling!

babbette~~ by so-normal
this is Babbette (aka BABB), my fat brachycephalic mothcat baby. she's in her late middle-age, living a quiet little life. due to her small (likely underdeveloped, but who's keeping track) wings and very LARGE belly, she is much more comfortable on the ground than anywhere up high. she is a bowling ball with legs. if she flew, she'd fly like a fat lazy bumblebee, only less aerodynamically.

she is EVERYONE'S MOM. she loves all kittens and babies and has informally adopted/fostered many a homeless or wayfaring young mothcat. she loves to FEED EVERYONE because she is EVERYONE'S MOM. she's no pushover, though — especially with the little ones — and she'll bap them on the nose if they misbehave. "mind your P's and Q's, now!"

(blame Calliopius because it's their fault, 100%)

Mothcats are a closed species created by doroling


United States
Poems like moths press against the window trying to reach the light.
- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
see HERE: for rates

commissions! if you need any clarifications, just ask.

the basics are as follows.

Contact me via email (tree.otreasaigh[at] subject: Commissions) or on here, via notes.
-- If you are on FURAFFINITY you can contact me there -- username "lepidoptera" -- if you are after NSFW art

what i will draw:
- anything! your characters, your dog, you. whatever. but not, like, transformers, too many angles, I get so bored/nauseous
- NSFW: I am not opposed to "weird" "stuff"! (your weird fetish indulged) (this will NOT be uploaded here but may go on furaffinity with your permission/my discretion.)

what I will not draw:
- bestiality (humans & animals together), incest, sexualized children or nonconsent.

- paypal only.

1. you tell me exactly what you want. specify whether time sensitive or not. (time sensitive work +$3 for rush fee.) please provide refs or VERY DETAILED description. reference pics preferable.

2. I sketch a sketch and show you the proof. You approve it OR tell me what needs to be changed. I will usually only make changes if they were previously outlined in your reference or description. (again, just ask.)

3. you send me payment!

4. I finish the piece and send you the finished project. I will usually upload it here, but I can also email you the hi-res version if you want it.

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MeHae Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
Hello. :')
so-normal Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
OMG HI!??!
fleetfoot Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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insanities Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student Writer
i don't know how often you check this, but um... could i possibly email/otherwise message a short (1,700-word) story to you to get your opinion? i haven't written fiction in forever, but there's a competition i'm thinking about entering! it's just a first draft at the minute though, i've written it today, so it may be awful.
so-normal Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
yes omg yes! do you have my email address? i might take a while getting back to you because my life is the busiest ever like literally insane
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